Thermodynamic Stability of Heterodimetallic [LnLn’] Complexes

The solid state and solution configuration of the heterodimetallic complexes, (Hpy)[CeEr(HL)3(NO3)(py)(H2O)] (1), (Hpy)[PrSm(HL)3(NO3)(py)(H2O)] (2) and (Hpy)2[LaYb(HL)3(NO3)(H2O)](NO3) (3), where H3L is 6-(3-oxo-3-(2-hydroxyphenyl)propionyl)pyridine-2-carboxylic acid, are analysed experimentally and through DFT calculations. The theoretical study is also extended to the [LaCe], [LaLu] and [CeGd] analogues. The results are consistent with a remarkable selectivity of the metal distribution within the molecule while in the solid state, enhanced by the size difference of both metals. This selectivity is significantly reduced in solution.


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Manuscript title: Thermodynamic Stability of Heterodimetallic [LnLn’] Complexes: Synthesis and DFT Studies

DOI: 10.1002/chem.201700095

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    • ROOT
      • Ce2
      • CeEr
      • CeGd
      • CeLa
      • Er2
      • ErCe
      • GdCe
      • La2
      • LaCe
      • LaLu
      • LaYb
      • LuLa
      • Pr2
      • PrSm
      • PrYb
      • Sm2
      • SmPr
      • Yb2
      • YbLa
      • YbPr